Friday, 18 March 2011

Busting the 'expensive' myth

Gentleman, passing window, to wife who has shown no interest:

'Here, there you are, Three Bags Full - it's a wool shop.' (I'm liking this man.)

Woman, carrying on walking:

'It's expensive. I've been in. It's all expensive.'

Aargh!! I wanted to nip outside and ask whether this lady really thought that £3 for 100g of aran (75% wool) was expensive. Or whether charging 50p per ball below rrp for most of our Debbie Bliss wools made us expensive. Or whether selling off Smoothie at less than you can buy it at The Range makes us expensive. Or...or...or... I could go on.

Can you tell this 'expensive' thing is getting to me??

On a brighter note, for all Can Can fans...

Rico have a new scarf yarn out - kind of a sister to Can Can. Loopy is more open and summery than Can Can (it reminds me slightly of ringlets) and will be with us shortly. As will more multi shades of Can Can itself.

If you're interested in either of these, let me have your phone number or email address and I'll contact you when they arrive.

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