Saturday, 5 March 2011

Danger! Woman knitting!

There are ongoing, endless threads on ravelry about which airlines allow the use of knitting needles on their flights, and which won't. Advice for tricky airport v. person-with-needles situations includes taking an addressed jiffy bag along so, if the needles are in danger of being confiscated, at least you can post them home. Or using dpns as hair decorations until you're actually in the air. Or using bamboo instead of steel needles. On and on it goes. I'd just got used to the idea that people might think of straight needles as stabbing weapons (and admittedly it's not that daft an idea - it happened in NCIS) when someone pointed out that a circular could actually be used as a garotte. What a great world we live in when we have to think along those lines.

It seems the local charity shops have similar fears. Evening Courier letter writer, Carol O'Neill, described her experience trying to buy needles in a couple of local charity shops. One didn't sell them at all on the basis that they're 'dangerous items'. The other had them safely stowed beneath the counter and seemingly could only sell them on the manager's say-so.

Now, of course, I'm wondering whether I'm acting a bit wild and irresponsible having all these Brittany and Pony pins on display. Should I have a licence? Will it be my fault if someone runs amok with a size 11 inside or outside the shop? And can I cope with the responsibility?

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