Sunday, 1 July 2012

Old-fashioned fun

Yesterday in the Piece Hall  we celebrated Armed Forces Day with the emphasis on the 1940s, so we had lots of people dressed like this:

 and lots of simple pleasures like this:

some great singers:

and some weaponry, just in case:

and to top it all off we had a fly past by a Spitfire:

So, all in all, a pretty good day. and a big well done to the organisers. At Three Bags Full, we dressed for the occasion - well, I did anyway. I'd pulled back the Ever Fashionable Bolero on Thursday because clearly I wasn't going to finish it on time and I could think of a dozen better uses for several balls of Baby Cashmerino. But I made a snood - not a very good one, but a snood all the same. The morning saw more customers than usual nudging past the Saturday knit group and one gentleman, on his way to an ordination at the Minster, who needed a button sewing on his suit! And the evening saw me too tired to change before heading off to meet Mike and Joe in the pub, which explains why I was out early Saturday evening in a red polka dot dress and vintage green jacket. Yeah, it looked a bit weird out of context.

Planning on a lazy week next week...

(All photo credits: Mike Hodgson)

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