Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Bags, blankets, toys, scarves, wreaths, cosies, flowers, purses....

Look at the fab patterns on this page! And the following 5 pages too - there are loads of them...all super-cute.

I know, there are very many beautiful patterns on ravelry, so why am I picking out these? Well, mainly because not only are they very lovely and very professional and very accessible for both advanced and beginner knitters, but also because the designer, Frankie Brown, doesn't charge for her patterns but instead suggests that you might like to make a donation to her chosen charity, the Children's Liver Disease Foundation, via her JustGiving page. So far she's raised over £8500 - how fantastic is that?

More power to her elbow. And yours, of course, if you make up one of her patterns.

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