Wednesday, 6 August 2014


I said I'd record my WIPs on the blog so, belatedly, here are the first three:

Believe it or not, the wool's not blue; it's a gorgeous deep green in Fyberspates's multi-tonal Vivacious DK. Must admit I'm only knitting this scarf for the sheer thrill of using this fantastic 100% superwash merino. The stitch definition is second to none. Yes, obviously we sell it...£14.50 for 115g. (Don't ask me why it's in hanks of 115g - makes it seem more expensive than it actually is which is a shame.)

And then we have another scarf which I'm thinking of as a craft fair type item.
It looks a bit crinkly, doesn't it? But I've made one already in a similar pattern (pattern taken from a stitch directory, with a garter stitch edge added) and did the unthinkable, actually blocked it!, and it came out beautifully. This is in the Debbie Bliss Rialto DK Print, which is gorgeous wool but for some reason never really took off at Three Bags Full, despite my many hours of knitting a sample hoodie. Anyway, it's reduced to £4.20 in the shop if you'd care to try it. (RRP £5.95)

And finally, something a bit different for me, a baby blanket in 100% acrylic:
Very simple feather and fan type pattern which seems pretty forgiving as I keep losing stitches but the pattern doesn't mind. A sneaky kfb here and there and we're back on track. I really am a very sloppy knitter. (Especially when I'm knitting through a 10pm edition of Big Brother - doesn't help my concentration one bit.) This is a present and needs to be finished for November - better pull my socks up, have already been knitting it for several months. And what's with the acrylic? Well, I make a point of not selling anything I wouldn't knit with myself so I had to try this one out to make sure it was up to my exacting standards! And it is. Very soft and lovely. It's the Designer Yarns Baby Joy - not the cheapest acrylic at £2.60 per 50g ball but definitely one of the nicest. (RRP £2.95)

Only about a dozen more to photograph and fess up to...

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