Friday, 29 August 2014

New stock for winter!

So...a good couple of days at Three Bags Full - a consignment of the lovely Peter Pan Merino Baby arrived, including one new shade and then, shortly after that, three new yarns: the 100% British Ramsdale DK, Wendy Mode DK and our new sock yarn, Roam Fusion, arrived. Plus lots of new patterns.
The Ramsdale (£3.50) has the tagline 'Born Bred and Made in Yorkshire' (there should, of course, be a comma in there, but they didn't ask me to proofread the text so what can you do?). It's 60% Masham wool, despite the picture of a Swaledale sheep on the label (who exactly designed that label??) and it's lovely - here, take a look:
The Wendy Mode is kind of a replacement for the Patons Diploma Gold - which I think is fab, but it doesn't sell much and is a bit expensive for a mix. The Mode, on the other hand, despite the 1960s Corrie name (Miami Modes anyone?) will sell at £2.20 and it feels pretty soft to me. I'll be knitting up a sample just as fast as my fingers and other jobs will allow.
Amd then there's the Roam. This is truly lovely. A new, classic, multi-coloured sock yarn and I can't wait to try this one out either! It'll sell at £7.50.
If you're an online customer (Hello!) the Roam and Ramsdale will both be on the web, I hope, by the end of next week.

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