Sunday, 10 August 2014

Pair of mittens, a baby dress, cuddly toy...

Okay, there's no cuddly toy, but among my many other WIPs, there is a pair of mittens (lately, there's always a pair of mittens):
 The pattern's mine and the yarn is Louisa Harding Handbeaded Grace (now discontinued) and Grace, but you could use any DK. That bit of beadedness around the bottom makes them a bit more special, say, for a present, but you could use a sparkly yarn or a sequinned one or whatever you like.

And then there's a baby dress, which just qualifies as a WIP as the bottom is curling up so it needs - aargh! - blocking. Well, what I mean is I'll run a cool, gentle iron over it - nothing scientific or complicated enough to require a technical term.
(In case you're wondering, yes, I'm already regretting photographing it on top of the kitchen tablecloth.)
This pattern's out of the current Love Knitting for Baby magazine. I'm trying to find out if it's available elsewhere, but no luck so far. The mag doesn't give either a pattern number or a designer's name, so no help there. I used three balls of Peter Pan Merino Baby which is a very soft and lovely baby wool which we sell for £3.55 per 50g ball. You'd need four for anything bigger than the 0-6 months size, but still a very cute dress for a reasonable price and a lovely quick knit.

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