Sunday, 15 March 2015

Teeny tininess

For those of you who would knit socks if it weren't for all those silly points getting in the way and the danger of losing your stitches off the ends of multiple double pointed needles...we present: the teeniest, tiniest circulars ever!
We've been selling the 12" circulars for a while for sock knitting and baby items, but these are an amazing 9" size. They take a bit of getting used to, but I'm going to feel much more confident knitting with these on the train this afternoon than I would with dpns, and I can put them away in a small project bag knowing there's a very much reduced chance of any stitches escaping. Yes, I think I'm sold on them.

(The wool in the photo is a lovely Crystal Palace sock yarn called Sausalito. I bought a single pack for research thinking I'd maybe stock it in the shop. Within a couple of weeks I'd tried out the first ball  and realised how fab it was, but in that short time they'd stopped distributing it in the UK. For crying out loud, there's a pattern emerging.)


  1. I've always been curious about the 9" circs. I normally use dps or two circs since I thought the teeny circs would be hard on my hands, but maybe not after your recommendation.

  2. I think some people do find that they grip them very hard and so their hands start to ache, but I'm not having any problems. I'm pacing myself anyway - I've plenty of other projects to work on in between bouts of sock knitting...