Thursday, 21 October 2010

Don't mention the C word

I know what you're thinking...Christmas. But no, not that C word. The one I'm thinking of is Copyright. If you want the ins and outs of copyright, you'd need to go onto ravelry to check out the numerous long and depressing debates there have been on the rights and wrongs of the situation, allowing all the while for the fact that the relevant laws vary from country to country. (You'll need to set aside at least three weeks because the debates are long, convoluted, often ill-humoured and tend to go round in circles.)

In the meantime, all I can say, sorry, I'd love to be able to photocopy patterns for you, particularly when they're only made available in collections that cost nearly £10, but it's illegal and it would also deprive the original designer of the cash they're due from the sale of their work. So I can't.


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